State-of-the-art packaging

Airless dispensers

Precision, aesthetics, durability

Wherever possible, we use state-of-the-art premium quality airless packaging for our products. Airless dispensers protect the product against oxidation that can cause discoloration as well as microcontamination such as bacteria or fungal spores. Consequently, there is little or no need for adding preservatives which might have allergens. Some of our airless dispensers (such as ALLERGIKA® Facial Cream Sensitive) have an automatic self-sealing membrane in the mouth of the pump. This further protects the cream from drying out and from environmental factors.

10 good reasons for airless dispensers

  • 1. Maintains product integrity

    Fewer and fewer preservatives are permitted for use in products, since some of them irritate the skin or can trigger allergies. An airless dispenser ensures that the packaging is completely closed and prevents air from entering. This protects the integrity of the product. As a result, there is not the same need for preservatives in the formulation. Fewer preservatives or less aggressive ones can be used. In some cases, none are needed whatsoever. Even the most sensitive formulations are protected.

  • 2. Protects against bacteria

    As soon is the container is opened, air comes into contact with the product, which automatically causes microbial contamination. Airless packaging create the ultimate protection against microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds) and certain allergens (pollen, spores, dust). For example, the eyes are very sensitive and should not be exposed to products which could contain bacteria. Using airless systems is thus particularly advantageous for products intended to care for the eye-contour area or correct dark circles under the eyes. When delicate skin comes into contact with bacteria, there can be serious consequences that affect the entire body. Cosmetic products contaminated by fungi or yeast can cause mycoses or dermatitis. And bacteria can make their way into a product if they are used by more than one person or even if they are simply left open. Airless packaging is one of the best ways to protect your product against contamination.

  • 3. Protects against oxidation

    When a product is opened, the air it is exposed to causes oxidation in its substances. This has an effect on the quality and properties of those substances, which in turn impacts their efficacy. In other words, it is extremely important to protect the active ingredients in a formulation so that it stays as effective as possible. If the color or scent of your product has changed, that means that oxidation has taken place.

  • 4. Extends the use-up period

    Most cosmetic products have a date within which they should be used up after they are opened. In airless dispensers, your product is no longer exposed to the environment. This means it keeps longer.

  • 5. Guarantees consistent levels of product efficiency

    After many years of research, the formulations of cosmetic products have become increasingly effective. But the efficacy and positive influences of a product can be affected by the packaging as well. Airless packaging allows the product to be completely isolated from its environment to ensure that all of the properties of the chemical composition are preserved throughout the product’s entire life cycle.

  • 6. Less waste, no more frustration

    The days are finally over when you had to open a tube with scissors to get to the last remaining traces of a product. Airless makes it possible to empty the container almost 100%.

  • 7. Precise dosing

    By simply pressing on the dispenser, you will receive the desired amount, even if it is only a single drop.

  • 8. Simple use

    A gentle pump is all you need. The airless system works however you hold the container — even if it is upside down.

  • 9. No packaging gas necessary

    Airless dispensers are propellant-free, which makes them safer and more environmentally friendly.

  • 10. Satisfies conscientious consumers

    Natural, more organic, fewer preservatives, less waste — Airless dispensers satisfy our customers’ standards.

How do airless dispensers work?


As the name suggests, these containers keep air out of the product packaging. By pressing the pump, a precisely dosed amount of cream is released without allowing air to make its way into the inside of the container. This creates a vacuum in the container which pulls the plunger underneath the cream upward. Another advantage is that the container can be almost completely emptied.