Sun care

Take the sting out of being in the sun.

There are bright sides and dark sides to spending time in the sun: it can energize you and ward off depression, boost your immune system, strengthen your bones and even lower blood pressure. On the other hand, however, too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. Sunlight can also trigger a photosensitivity known as a sun allergy. In most cases, this is not technically an allergy: instead, the skin’s natural mechanisms that protect you against the dangers of UV exposure fail, and the skin starts to itch or form blisters.

Consistently administered skin care is important when it comes to preventing sunburns and protecting those who are allergic to sunlight. Avoid midday sun and wear clothing that protects sensitive parts of the body. Use a sun cream with a SPF of at least 30. The cream should be applied 30 to 45 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight.

Dermatologists recommend care products that cool and moisturize the skin after you’ve been in the sun.

Especially for sun-sensitive skin, we have developed a product portfolio which lets you both protect your skin from the sun as well as care for it after sunlight exposure. Click here to learn more important information about ALLERGIKA Vivisun products.

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