Sensitive atopic skin

The function of the skin barrier plays a critical part

In people who have neurodermatitis (also known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema), the skin’s natural barrier function is not working properly. It loses important lipids and moisture. As a result, daily skin care is very important as a means of helping restore moisture to the skin. Every neurodermatitis patient needs to applying lotion to the skin regularly. Not only can this relieve redness and itching, under certain circumstances it can prevent a flare of atopic dermatitis.

The kind of care that is best for you depends on your skin type and the extent of your condition. If the skin is very dry, the care products have to have a high lipid content, and skin that is weeping requires a cream with a high water content so that the skin can recover the moisture it has lost.

Frequent showering also puts a burden on skin with neurodermatitis. Make sure that you use soap-free and lipid-restoring shower and bath products.

During an acute flare of neurodermatitis, additional treatment measures may also be needed: you may require medication to reduce the activity of your immune system. Please discuss specific therapeutic measures with your physician.

We have developed a special product portfolio especially for the sensitive skin of people with neurodermatitis so you can give your body exactly the right kind of care and cleaning from head to toe. Click here to learn more about ALLERGIKA products for sensitive skin.

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