Dry skin

A need for special care

Dry skin is easy to identify by its reddened, cracked or scaly patches. It often starts developing on particular parts of the body such as the elbows, knees, hands or face, and it can spread from there. Dry skin indicates that the natural process of the skin regulating its lipid and moisture levels is not functioning. As a result, it has an especially sensitive response to environmental stimuli such as cold or sunlight.

Um trockener Haut vorzubeugen oder die Symptome zu lindern, empfiehlt sich eine behutsame Hautpflege mit pH-

To prevent dry skin or relieve the symptoms, meticulous skin care is recommended using gentle pH-neutral cleansers and lipid-regulating, moisturizing, fragrance-free creams.

A variety of causes can lead to dry skin. The older we grow, the less moisture our skin can retain. Certain diseases dry out the skin as well, however, such as diabetes and neurodermatitis. You should see a doctor, especially if the complaints develop suddenly or if moisturizing the skin does not improve its condition over time.

Regardless of what causes dry skin, it needs special care. ALLERGIKA has developed a program especially for daily care of dry skin from head to toe. Click here to learn more important information about ALLERGIKA products for dry skin.

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