The ALLERGIKA® skin-care concept is basic treatment so you feel at home in your skin

The Therapeutic Care product portfolio helps the skin protect itself.

If the skin’s barrier function is not functioning properly (due to conditions such as atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis), it loses important lipids and moisture. This is why it is important to help rehydrate your skin by caring for it daily, even when the symptoms have improved. The kind of care that is best for you depends on your skin type and the extent of your condition.

. If the skin is very dry or itches chronically, the care products you choose have to have a high lipid content. During acute flares, the recommended product is an oil-in-water lotion with substances that actively soothe itching.
Frequent showering also puts a burden on the skin. Make sure that you use soap-free and lipid-restoring shower and bath products.

We have developed a special product portfolio especially for the sensitive itchy skin of neurodermatitis patients and for dry, scaly skin so you can give your body exactly the right kind of care and cleaning.

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