Stay dry even in the shower

There are as many reasons why someone has to protect a skin lesion — eczema, dermatitis, allergies, fungal infections, psoriasis, post-surgical wounds, burns, bed sores — as there are different kinds of wound dressings and casts — splints, bandages, plaster casts, zinc paste bandages, occlusive dressings, compresses. However, it is often difficult to keep bandaging clean and dry while still maintaining your usual hygiene routines.

ILLA®’s sturdy polyethylane sheets protect your cast or bandaging while you shower. The patented adhesive closure keeps water from entering. And they are easy to use. There are eight different sizes to choose from depending on your needs. Each package contains five sheets.


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  1. Unfold the protector sheet and remove the paper backing from the adhesive strip
  2. Open the protector sheet, sit down and pull it over your leg, remove the paper backing from the fixed spot and press firmly onto the leg
  3. Holding the adhesive strip firmly, wrap the protector around the leg smoothly, tightly and without wrinkles, overlapping it so part is on the skin and part on the adhesive strip
  4. Press down the adhesive strip again and smooth out any wrinkles. The ILLA cast protector is now sealed and watertight
You can pay cash on delivery when your order arrives. There are no other fees for COD payment.A shipping fee of €4.50 per order and shipping address is charged for orders within Germany.Articles in stock are usually sent within three work days. Delivery may be delayed by one day if there is a Sunday or holiday between order and delivery dates.

ILLA® cast protectors


  • For normal showers even with a cast or bandage
  • Promotes hygiene and well-being
  • Increases quality of life
  • Easy to use
  • Watertight
  • Allergy tested
  • Environmentally friendly (PE sheet)
  • Tear-proof


Each package contains five sheets.
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