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ALLERGIKA® Sensitive Encasings protect people with dust mite allergies against mites and the allergens they produce. Made of premium-quality uncoated polyester microfibers, these encasings are distinctive because of their outstanding sleeping comfort and light weight, and they are an excellent barrier against allergenic microparticles. ALLERGIKA® Sensitive earns top rankings from the most important German test institutes
First, take the linens off your bed. Before you re-make the bed with the new encasing, vacuum the surfaces of the pillows, duvet and mattress. Turn the mattress on its side to put on the encasing. Then put the other encasings on your mattress, pillow and bedding as well. As you do so, make sure that the interior zipper cover is correctly positioned and protects the zipper; if it is not properly positioned, mites and the allergens they create can make their way out. After that, make up the bed with the usual sheets and linens.
ALLERGIKA® Sensitive Encasings are easy to wash: you can launder them once or twice a year using standard laundry detergents. To dry them, you can put them through a gentle spin cycle in the washer and either air-dry them or put them in a dryer at moderate heat.Please note: To ensure that the encasings stay mite-proof, please do not use any sharp or pointy objects with them or treat them with any chemicals such as bleach or dyes.

ALLERGIKA® Sensitive
pillow encasing (only available in Germany)

The perfect protection against dust mite

  • Outstanding medical efficacy
  • Premium sleep comfort
  • Silky soft
  • Noiseless


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