vision and mission

The heart and soul of our work is people with skin diseases and skin problems
We want to offer genuine therapeutic alternatives to people who suffer from allergic skin conditions
We want the ALLERGIKA® name to represent a sustainable bond of confidence that physicians, pharmacists and patients have in the quality of our products
Our vision is to create a corporate strategy based on sustainability

The ALLERGIKA name stands for a concept:

  • For the company's name
  • For a brand
  • For the product, its use and indications
  • For something our patients can identify with
  • For the bond to our employees



ALLERGIKA® was founded 25 years ago as a mid-sized German pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Wolfratshausen near Munich. It manufactures products to prevent and treat allergies and skin conditions.
There are some 50 people working in our back office. Approximately 30 employees (most of whom are in sales) provide consultation, mainly to allergy specialists, dermatologists, pediatricians and pharmacies as well as health-insurance companies and patients.
We have a long-term strategy, “ALLERGIKA Future,” which is heavily oriented towards an international market. Our core brand ALLERGIKA® has been registered worldwide, and we have distributors in over 15 countries, including Mexico, Russia, Thailand and several EU countries.

1991: Company founded

ILLA® cast protectors launched

1995: ALLERGIKA® anti-allergenic encasings launched

The product portfolio for allergy patients has since been expanded to include other relevant products such as the ALLERGIKA® travel anti-allergenic sleeping bag, ALLERGIKA® MiteSTOP and Dermifant® eczema suit

2008: ALLERGIKA® Therapeutic Skin Care launched

Nowadays we offer four “From Head To Toe” concepts which comprise 35 products:

  • Atopic, irritated skin and neurodermatitis
  • Dry skin
  • Baby and children’s skin from day one
  • Sensitive sun care

2011 - 2013: The ALLERGIKA® brand is registered around the world

2012: ALLERGIKA® Therapeutic Skin Care products launched in

  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • Morocco
  • Saudi Arabia

2016: ALLERGIKA® Therapeutic Skin Care products launched in

  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Mexico
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand

2017: Launch ALLERGIKA ® TSC Line in

  • Chile
  • Colombia

2017: Launch ALLERGIKA ® Encasings in

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Latvi

2018: Launch ALLERGIKA ® TSC Line in

  • Hungary
  • Ukraine

2018: Launch ALLERGIKA ® Encasings in

  • Czech Republic

2018: start with own Sales Force Germany and Austria

2019: Launch ALLERGIKA ® Encasings in

  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Singapore