Our vision is to develop ALLERGIKA into a major independent business which specializes in allergy prevention and treatment.
„Your specialist for allergies“

It is our mission to continue to professionalize and globalize the ALLERGIKA concept.
Hartmut Bannert


A little more

about who we are

The ALLERGIKA® product portfolio was especially developed for patients with allergies; one in every three clients at pharmacies has allergies! Our core business segments include ALLERGIKA® anti-allergenic encasings, a field in which we rank among market leaders, and our ALLERGIKA® Therapeutic Skin Care products, designed for use from head to toe and from day one. For years, pharmacies have also featured our well-known Illa® cast protectors Stay dry even in the shower.
We have set ourselves the task of creating premium-quality products and are wholly aware of the significance of our responsibility toward patients, pharmacies and physicians.

Your specialists
for skin and allergy

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[member img=”9232″ name=”Hartmut Bannert” role=”Chairman of the Board” text_align=”left” email=”bannert@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9235″ name=”Dr. Michael Ernd” role=”Deputy. Managing Director, Sales Area Manager Germany and MedWiss” text_align=”left” email=”Ernd@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9233″ name=”Verena Bannert” role=”Head of Finance, Controlling & Human Ressources” text_align=”left” email=”verena.bannert@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9696″ name=”Mia Hittinger” role=”Head of Department Medical Devices” text_align=”left” email=”hittinger@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”10317″ name=”Jana Ainöder” role=”Head of Administration” text_align=”left” email=”Ainoeder@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”12896″ name=”Angelika Sawatzki” role=”Head of Marketing” text_align=”left” email=”sawatzki@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9243″ name=”Stefanie Edler” role=”Country Manager” text_align=”left” email=”Edler@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”10960″ name=”Regina Moldenhauer” role=”Head of Financial Accounting” text_align=”left” email=”Moldenhauer@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9237″ name=”Jürgen Lottner” role=”Head of Purchasing / Materials Management” text_align=”left” email=”lottner@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”9242″ name=”Vanessa Zeller” role=”Sales Manager South” text_align=”left” email=”Zeller@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”10232″ name=”Alexandra Spieß” role=”Sales Manager North” text_align=”left” email=”spiess@allergika.de”][/member]
[member img=”10959″ name=”Simone Baude” role=”Sales Manager Consulting Service” text_align=”left” email=”Baude@allergika.de”][/member]